BHE operates & manages an average of 35 dump trailer and triaxle vehicles per day.

BHE transports and disposes of an average of 800,000 tons of contaminated soils per year.

Transportation and disposal to

Waste Management

Clean Earth


State regulated lined and unlined landfills

RCS1 and RCS2 facilities

Additional facilities throughout New England, New York & New Jersey


Transportation & disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Heavy metals impacted soil

Soil with asbestos containing material

PFAS & PFOS impacted waste

Asphalt, Brick & Concrete debris

Construction & Demolition debris

Municipal Waste Streams

Regulated and unregulated soils


The leadership team of Brighter Horizons Environmental has successfully remediated a variety of sites including Superfund, Brownfields, former manufactured gas plants (MGPs), industrial laundries, former gas stations, and many more.

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Underground Storage Tank Closure in Place

Contaminated Soil Removal & Disposal

Soil Excavation, Backfill & Site Restoration


Brighter Horizons Environmental brings our unmatched skill and expertise to demolition work. As no project is ever the same, BHE tailors our services to ensure work is completed safely, efficiently, and within budget.

BHE routinely completes demolition projects for private, municipal, and state clients. BHE’s demolition projects are regularly in support of multi-faceted remediation and construction

With each project, BHE takes the opportunity to recycle and reuse salvageable waste.

Brighter Horizons Environmental sets the standard for environmental sustainability.


Our crew at Brighter Horizons Environmental regularly conducts In Situ Stabilization to assist in lowering the cost of disposal for our clients. 

Binding agents are injected into the soil, and mixed to create a chemical reaction with contaminants to make them less likely to be released into the environment. Solidified or stabilized waste mixed above ground is either used to fill in the excavation or transported to a landfill for disposal. 

By stabilizing the contaminants within the soil, we reduce the leachability concerns allowing for the soil to be transported and disposed of offsite at a drastically reduced cost to our client compared to sending the soil offsite as a Hazardous Waste.


Brighter Horizons Environmental will assist you and your clients with the collection of soil for characterization, and provide you with the best options for disposal. 

Our expertise in the regulatory requirements of New England landfills is unparalleled. 

We’ll assist in the preparation of Material Shipping Records, Bill of Ladings, and Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials Manifests. 

If your site needs an EPA ID to dispose of hazardous material, we’ll take care of that too.